Rubicon trail repeater

Main Rubicon repeater (RUBI)

444.9875 +5.00, PL156.7 is located close to Spider Lake. It has solid HT coverage over most of the Rubicon Trail west of Barker Meadows OHV trail.

Rubicon linked to the 805 (RUBI+)

Using PL 107.2 in place of the tone above sends your traffic into the Rubicon repeater and also relays it onto the rest of the 805 system. This should be used only when attempting to communicate from the area of the Rubicon to an area not covered by the Rubicon repeater. Keep in mind that you are tying up both systems when using this mode.

Simplex (RUBI-)

444.9875 with no PL can be used any time it is desirable to monitor the Rubicon repeater but the wider coverage of the system is not desired. This is generally used for vehicle to vehicle communication on the trail while allowing the repeater to be monitored simultaneously. Please use the minimum power to conduct traffic. Anyone within range that is monitoring the repeater will be able to hear you as well.

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