The following are rules of thumb based on best practice and etiquette:

  • Always listen before you transmit to be sure the repeater is not in use.
  • Place your call by simply stating your call followed by their call, one or a few times. Keep it simple.
  • If you don't get a response to your call after a few tries, state "no contact or clear." This lets others that may be waiting for you to clear know that it is ok to make a call.
  • If you are looking to start a conversation or want to let others know you are on the air in case they want to call you, feel free to simply state your call followed by "listening" or "monitoring".
  • The 805 is often used to conduct emergency traffic when there is an incident in the backcountry. If you hear such traffic, please yield to those requiring and providing help.
  • If you are not in a position to facilitate help for the requesting party, DO NOT KEY THE SYSTEM. Tying up the system during an emergency to state that you wish you could help or that you can not help is extremely counterproductive. Silence is the ONLY correct response.
  • If help is requested AND you are in a position to offer the kind of help requested, briefly offer your help and wait for the requesting party to acknowledge you.
  • Do not "Kerchunk" the repeater. If you need to make a test, transmit your call sign followed by "testing". You may also ask for a "radio check" followed by your call sign.
  • When using the repeater, keep in mind that others may be wishing to use it as well. Pause periodically to allow others to break in.
  • If a long conversation is taking place and you need to make an urgent or time-sensitive call, wait for a pause in the exchange, and state your call. Then wait for the party having the conversation to acknowledge you. When they do, briefly explain that you need to make a quick call and ASK if you can use the repeater. Since you are asking them to wait on you, keep it very brief (say, 20-60 seconds) and move to another frequency as soon as possible.
  • If you are having a long conversation and a station breaks in, give them a chance to use the system. In many areas of the county, it may be the only usable repeater or they may have made plans to call someone at a certain time. Be polite.
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