Welcome to the High Sierra Repeater 146.805

Wide area coverage for El Dorado County

Main Repeater (805ELD)

146.805 -.600, PL123.0 covers the west slope of El Dorado County and into the Sacramento area with a network of listening receivers feeding into a central transmitter.

Tahoe Basin (805TAH)

Odd split, transmit on 146.205, listen on 145.350, PL123.0. Note that the transmit frequency and tone are the same as the main repeater. This repeater is linked to the main repeater and covers the Tahoe basin. Traffic on one is also heard on the other.

Simplex (805SIM)

146.805 with no PL can be used any time it is desirable to monitor the 805 but you don't want your transmisions to go into the repeater. This mode is great for vehicle to vehicle within a group. Please use the minimum power to conduct traffic. Anyone within range of you that is monitoring the repeater will be able to hear you.

Other System Capabilities

Auto Patch

The system does have an auto patch capability. If you would like to make a call, ask on the air for a control operator to setup the call for you.

Echo Link

Node 95726 KA6GWY-R

To connect the 805 to another Echo node, key your radio and type # and the node number you want to connect.
To Diconnect key your radio and Type #*31

Note: There is no IRLP on the 805

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